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Building Performance Evaluation Guide

Building Performance Evaluation Guide- 好家庭联盟(GHA)&Woodknowledge Wales

这guidance offers an introduction into applying Building Energy Performance (BPE) to improve the performance of homes, in order to achieve maximum comfort whilst transitioning to net-zero carbon. It has been produced byGood Homes Alliance (GHA)in collaboration with Woodknowledge Wales, with contributions fromPHT Research and Policy Director John Palmer. The guidecontains information for clients and project managers to understand the benefits of BPE and how to integrate these into a project, providing a holistic approach to performance through consideration of the user, indoor environment, fabric performance, energy and water use.



Easi Guide to Passivhaus Design

Easi Guide to Passivhaus Design- Levitt Bernstein

这simple design guide is a must-have tool for those involved in planning, designing, and constructing buildings. It has been produced in collaboration withLevitt Bernstein Architects,PHT成员Etude, and endorsed by the Passivhaus Trust. The guide contains 10 illustrated design tips for creating Passivhaus & zero carbon buildings fit for the 21st Century and beyond. Passivhaus offers immense design flexibility, it eliminates the performance gap, and it produces buildings with comfort as a key criterion rather than a nicety – all while drastically reducing energy use.



UK Passivhaus and the energy performance gap

UK Passivhaus and the energy performance gap- Rachel Mitchell & Sukumar Natarajan, University of Bath

The first large-scale systematic evaluation of the Passivhaus standard in occupied buildings using multi-year data from 97 UK Passivhaus dwellings spread across 13 sites.结果得出结论,Passivhaus提供了获得低能量和低碳建筑的可靠手段。

Oct 2020


Sustainable Renovation

Sustainable Renovation- SEDA

这个设计指南是一个有用的参照点everybody in the retrofit sector from policy makers and development managers in housing organisations, to architects, builders, surveyors and those simply interested in upgrading their own homes.



A developers guide to Passivhaus buildings_Passive House Canada

A Developers Guide to Passivhaus Buildings-Passive House Canada

An industry resource for designing and constructing Passivhaus buildings in Canada full of information & resources. Presented by Passive House Canada, the national association advocating for healthier, more comfortable buildings that contribute to a sustainable future.


Passivtower—A solution for the low carbon city?

Passivtower - A solution for the low carbon city?-Allies and Morrison

A research project aiming to determine how tall one could push the Passivhaus standard, in collaboration with colleagues at the Passive House Academy, engineers Buro Happold and cost consultants Gardiner and Theobald. The goal of their research has been to design a tall passivhaus building - a passivtower - which could offer a high density low-carbon housing solution for cities.

Oct 2018


Passivhaus: Does it do what it says on the tin?

Building Fabric Thermal Performance of Passivhaus Dwellings - Does It Do What It Says on the Tin?- David Johnston,Centre for the Built Environment (CeBE) Group & Mark Siddall,LEAP.

这research paper presents the latest understanding of Passivhaus performance and特别是尤其考虑建筑面料。

Jan 2016


Encraft Overheating technical insight

Strategies for mitigating the risk of overheating in current and future climate scenarios- Encraft


Dec 2015


Encraft Airtightness Testing Protocol for Passivhaus

Air Tightness Testing Protocol for Passivhaus projects- Encraft

对于Passivhaus认证而言,空气密封性测试协议与英国建筑法规合规一样不尽。这document from Encraft sets out guidance for the specific testing requirements for Passivhaus and EnerPHit certification.



Passivhaus Primer: Airtightness Guide

Passivhaus Primer: Airtightness Guide -Dr. Rob McLeod, Mike Jaggs, Ben Cheeseman, Adam Tilford, Kym Mead

Airtightness and air pressure testing in accordance with the Passivhaus standard - A guide for the design team and contractors.

Dec 2014



Be.Passive: Lessons learnt from the Belgium Passivhaus experience -本尼迪克特宾那,马克斯特森,亚当蒂尔福德&kym mead。

Commissioned by the Centre for the Built Environment (CBE), this report aims to disseminate how Brussels as a region may offer a guide for a UK city or regional approach to developing a Passivhaus standard.

Mar 2014


Whole life costs of a Passivhaus

Passivhaus:Passivhaus的整个生活成本-Dr Sarah Price & Helen Brown

The paper considers whole life costs of four different Passivhaus designs, and accounts forbothcapital costs and running costs over 30, 60 and 100 year lifetimes.

Feb 2014



EnerPHit: a step by step guide to low energy retrofit by James Traynor

EnerPHit: A Step by Step Guide to Low Energy Retrofit- James Traynor

这is a practical guide that gives architects the tools to retrofit buildings to the highest EnerPHit standard. It equips the reader with the key information on EnerPHit (as the most effective benchmark for performance), the practical know-how and tips to ensure effective retrofit throughout all Plan of Work stages of a project to the EnerPHit standard. Backed with real-life case studies, it enables you to understand how to achieve successful outcomes tailored to suit available budgets and programmes.

Sept 2019


Designed to Perform | Tom Dollard

Designed to Perform: An Illustrated Guide to Providing Energy Efficient Homes- Tom Dollard

这本书是一个说明实用设计指南to delivering better energy performance in all types of new build homes. It takes the form of an annotated details book, with photos taken from live construction sites, with the content based around diagrams, drawings and photos by the author, which demonstrates valuable best practice knowledge and advice. Chapter 1 is an introduction to the performance gap and the quality of design and construction in new build homes, explaining the typical construction sequence of homebuilding, and highlights common issues that designers need to engage with. Chapters 2-7 look at each construction fabric in turn, including a series of detailed drawings, diagrams and photos illustrating the key elements of good design. Chapter 8 contains a checklist of all performance gap issues that designers need to look for. This book will provide valuable guidance to architects and designers on how to improve their detailing at construction stage, and therefore the overall quality of design and performance of new homes.

Oct 2017


Passive House Details Passive House Details

Passive House Details: Solutions for High-Performance Design, 1st Edition- Donald B. Corner, Jan C. Fillinger, Alison G. Kwok, Routledge.

Introduces the concepts, principles, and design processes of building ultra low-energy buildings. The objective of this book is to provide design goals, research, analysis, systems, details, and inspiring images of some of the most energy-efficient, carbon-neutral, healthy, and satisfying buildings currently built in the region.

Sept 2017


The Passivhaus Designer's Manual- Christina Hopfe and Rob Mcleod

The Passivhaus Designers Manual是一个综合技术指南,可供希望设计和建造Passivhaus和零能量建筑物。它包括关于建筑服务的深度信息,Holistic design guidance, practical advice on procurement methods and case studies from the UK, Europe and the USA.

Oct 2015


PHPP Illustrated

PHPP说明:设计师的伴侣是被动房屋规划包,第2版 -Sarah Lewis

Fully supported and endorsed by The Passivhaus Institut, this book provides illustrated step-by-step guidance, ideal for practitioners and students looking to utilise PHPP as a design tool.

Oct 2017


Passive House Design-Roberto Gonzalo, Rainer Vallentin

这book shows how much scope for design there is in passive houses and explains design strategies that lead to better passive buildings.

June 2014


An introduction to Passive House

An Introduction to Passive House -Justin Bere


Nov 2013


Residential retrofit

Residential Retrofit: 20 case studies -Marion Baeli

这book presents a series of innovative and best practice case studies of residential low energy retrofit projects, and illustrates what has been achieved in UK practice.

Nov 2013


The Passivhaus Handbook

The Passivhaus Handbook-Adam Dadeby and Janet Cotterell

这book contains clear underlying building science relating to Passivhaus Design and the key principles involved.

Oct 2012