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Participating Universities


信任launcheda nationwide pilot Passivhaus student competition, kindly sponsored byTarmac,2014年10月在英国公民会议上。



The competition formed part of the students’ ongoing course work; they developed a masterplan to improve an existing town centre. Within this masterplan the competitors were asked to identify one retrofit or new build project and provide detailed design to turn this into a certifiable Passivhaus building.

Each university has identified a live regeneration scheme with support from the associated council; student projects have the chance to potentially inform & influence the local redevelopments.The locations have similar post-war, concrete urban centre characteristics.

Participating Universities

University of Hertfordshire

University of Nottingham


University of Hertfordshire University of Nottingham 乌韦


After working on group masterplans, students developed their own designs for either a new build or retrofit mixed use development designed to Passivhaus Standard. The brief includedan iconic destination building that链接与重要地标,并有一个PPR施力与新电车的存在。

Students were encouraged to produce ‘civic’ minded projects focusing on the repair of city fabric by the insertion of an appropriate master plan, a multi-occupant Performance in Education complex and well considered public space, as well as the retrofitting of a 1960's office block to Passivhaus standards.


Supported by the Stevenage Borough Council

Regeneration of Beeston.

Supported by the Broxtowe Borough Council

Regeneration of Bristol town centre.

Supported by the Bristol City Council

项目must aim to achieve sustainable development, both in terms of creating energy efficient buildings and in terms of nurturing a community that is commercially viable and resilient.

The Passivhaus standard has been identified as the ideal vehicle to explore these challenges because of the simplicity of its approach and clearer relationship with design decisions. The standard is flexible allowing the students to explore throughout the project the relationship between design and performance in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.


所有参与学生收到教程DesignPH & have guest Passivhaus Tutors comment on their designs.作为竞争的一部分,所有学生都有机会从一手经验中体验一个宽松的建筑物。学生被私营导游UK’s first Passivhaus Archive & Record Centre由Architype设计,并在赫里福德的强大Passivhaus标准中构建。L-R:Exterios of HARC - Photo credit: Dennis Gilbert. Students inspecting cedar shingles - Photo credit: Dr Rodrigues.

赫里福德档案中心,外观,Architype赫里福德档案中心,外观,ArchitypeHereford Archive Centre, Passivhaus Student Competition


Each University select a shortlist of exemplar projects with a Passivhaus rigour. The shortlist was then judged by a panel of industry & academic experts:

  • Fran Bradshaw – Anne Thorne Architects
  • Mark Gillot - 诺丁汉大学可持续能源技术研究所
  • Martyn Kenny- Larfarge Tarmac
  • Jon Bootland - Passivhaus Trust


Dr Martyn Kenny, Tarmac


Congratulations to the winners who were honoured at the2015年英国公民会议在会议主要方案后举办颁奖典礼,并随着全天展出的胜利计划。

Andrew Smith


University of Hertfordshire

A report for Stevenage Borough Council outlining refurbishment options on the former Lloyds office building in the centre in Stevenage focusing on an analysis of external and internal wall insulation.


Full Shortlist:

  • Amy Tempest

  • John Shuttleworth.

  • 雷蒙德李

University of Hertfordshire

Chenglei Sheng


University of Nottingham

A masterplan for the regeneration of Beeston链接与重要地标,并有一个PPR施力与新电车的存在。Amethodical Passivhaus approach to a标志性的新版本的详细设计包括专为满足标准的学生住宿。

c sheng_多贝斯敦

Full Shortlist

University of Nottingham

Theo Scaramanga.



Regeneration of Bristol town centre. Supported by Bristol City Council

A walkable city masterplan aims to reconnect isolated areas with blue and green corridors. Detailed designs explore a new build concrete frame spa designed to meet Passivhaus standard, and driven by an overall concept of cleanliness.

T Scaramanga水现象

Full Shortlist

  • 将韦伯

  • Anna Sturtivant

  • Michaela Malia.


It has been interesting to see the variety of entries from the students, as they represent the different skills that are needed to deliver a successful Passivhaus, from concept design through detailed design and PHPP calculations and down to the individual choices of materials and energy efficiency measures to be implemented. It’s great to see such an enthusiastic response to Passivhaus from the next generation of designers and consultants!

“We’ve been delighted to work with Lafarge Tarmac on this inaugural student competition, particularly because the choice of materials has such an impact on the thermal performance of a building in terms of managing both heat losses and thermal gains. The students’ feedback was excellent about the resources we were able to provide due to Lafarge Tarmac’s support.

Jon Bootland,Passivhaus Trust。


Oct 2014


Nov- Jun


Apr 2015

Site visit to Hereford Archive and Record Centre


Judging of shortlist


Winners announced

Oct 2015


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