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2021 Passivhaus Student Competition

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Inspiring the next generation

Education and training is a key objective for the Passivhaus Trust. Over the next decade, we would like to train at least 10% of the industry to deliver Passivhaus. Nurturing the next generation of designers and contractors and providing them with skills to tackle the climate emergency is vital. Building upon five successful student competitions, we are keen to continue strengthening connections between practice & academia. It is an invaluable method of knowledge sharing and arming students with practical skills. Approximately 77% of studentssurveyed by the student branch of the建筑师气候行动网络(2021)think that their education is failing them in terms of climate literacy.

Architects are implicit in the climate emergency. Fundamentally, students feel they are currently being let down by their architectural education. We require a change in the curriculum which embraces climate literacy teaching and assessment.

Megan Coe,education coordinator at ACAN.

With developments of a Passivhaus Trust website in progress and increased training courses, going forward we hope to make more Passivhaus resources easily accessible online.

Student Resources & Training

The new website will provide an online platform with a multitude of Passivhaus resources for different knowledge levels all in one place. Here are some tasters of what will be available:

Case Studies

Suggested reading list:

Certified Passivhaus Training courses:


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    2021 Events

    11 March

    Mythbusting Passivhaus with ACAN(recording will be available)

    25 - 27 June

    International Passivhaus Open Days - Summer

    30 June, 07 July, 14 July

    UK Passivhaus Awards

    Summer TBC

    Ice Box Challenge

    5 - 7 November

    International Passivhaus Open Days - Winter

    Autumn TBC

    2021 UK Passivhaus Conference

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    Academic membership

    For University departments, as well as becoming a named partner on the Passivhaus Trust website, youropebet客户端 will include group discounts to PHPP, recommendations to Passivhaus mentors and access to Passipedia. See the table below for benefits and apply online via thestandard membership form.

    Individual student membership

    Student membership is available at an annual rate of£20 + VATfor individuals who are enrolled in a full-time course. A membership listing on the website is not included. All applications are subject to approval. To apply, pleasedownload the form [PDF]and once completed send

    Greater benefits are available to University departments. We therefore urge students to encourage their tutors/ school departments to consider academic membership.

    Academic membership

    Individual Student

    Recommendations to Passivhaus mentors.


    Access to Passipedia.*For a limited number of students



    Group discounts to PHPP software.


    Discounts to certified Passivhaus training courses



    Discounts on selected Passivhaus Trust training & events



    Access to Passivhaus Trust research and other outputs



    2021 Passivhaus Student Competition

    Passivhaus student competition

    Due to social distancing measures, we are running a paired back Passivhaus Student Competition. Demonstrate your capabilities and advance your design ideas. Students from any University that has previously partnered with a Passivhaus Student Competition are invited to enter their projects via thesubmission templates.

    Passivhaus Student Competition logos

    A building must be designed per Passivhaus principles, encompassing high-performance levels with a fabric-first approach. The competition does not restrict the building to any construction type, occupant use, or whether it is a new build or retrofit. The project must be in the UK.


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    Previous Passivhaus Competitions:opebet Iopebetapp何时上线 I2018I2016Iopebet官网

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